Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Penny Roller (kinetic) card for our very mobile grandson, Kyle :)

When I was half way done working on this, I misplaced it. This is very easy to do on 'my side of the bed.' My husband fears to venture onto my nightstand or crafting bins... (play Jaws music here.)

So I found it today and set it on the scoreboard. The cat (the big cat) stood on it, then sat on it while I had my head turned. By the time I moved her off, it was newly creased in several more places. (I love my cats I love my cats I love my cats).

Poor card looks like it's been sat on, run over, and folded up, but I finished it and am mailing it away anyhow. I even made my first amateur video to show its moving parts (below) and you will see why I don't make YouTube or any other videos.

Stamp set, pattern paper and (crumpled) card stock, white, 80# and 120# by Gina K. Designs. Stamp sets are "Life's a Beach" (isn't it though?) and "On the Move" for the sentiment. I just hand printed the letters for Kyle's name.

I saw a picture of Kyle the other day, uploaded to Facebook - so sweet! He had been swimming. He's going to be four this fall. When I asked our other grandma who lives near them to please kiss Kyle for me, all she said was, "If we can catch him." I think that explains this card.

Please - no hate mail. I really don't have a clue how to make a video, and the radio was playing in the background, Hawai'ian music. Aloha.


  1. What a lovely card Rosy, I love the cards with the moving parts. Your colouring is awesome and I am sure he will love his card. Hugs, Jen :-) xx
    Krafty Keepsakes

  2. This is an adorable card, & your Kyle will love all the movement on it. Just watched your video and thought it was a great effort. For a 1st try, you did a lot better than some I've seen, who have many youtubes available. Good show, and good for you for trying something new & intimidating. TFS & Hugs

  3. Adorable, fun card Rosy. It would be cute for my great-grandson except he'd just pull of all the moving parts :(

  4. What a fun and wonderful card for your little Kyle. He will love to play with all those moving parts. And, I love the video showing the movement too.

  5. LOL. Oh my goodness. What a funny post!

    Glad you stuck with the is really cute!

  6. Great card, Rosy! I'm sure Kyle loved it - a lot!!!


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