Fastest Way to Create a Stamp Set Inventory

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Ok, so for the last time one of our cats stepped across my inventory of a huge list of Stampin' Up stamp sets and deleted my updates. I have my computer set to update every 2 minutes but for some reason, it didn't this time.

Aggravating? Yup. I found out a faster way to "see" stamp sets in a very FAST way to inventory them and it's all FREE. Here is my tip. This is not for everyone, but hey, it's fast and it works.

1. Make sure you have a Pinterest account. FREE. It's easy - just follow the 3 or so steps at their website. Then create your board for your stamp set inventory by company name. For me, I created a "secret" board for my inventory because I don't want to tell the world what I own, but this is up to you. The option to set the board as a secret will be available both as you create the board or later if you want to make it secret or public.

2. Install the Pinterest "Pin Button" for your browser. FREE. If you have Google Chrome, just go to Google Chrome Apps and search for Pinterest button. If you have Mozilla Firefox, just search for Pinterest add button for that browser and so on for any browser you may be using. You will see the "add button" up at the top of your browser page.

3. Do either a browser search (Google, etc., search engine) for the name of the Stamp Set and Company, or go to an auction type web site that sells everything. I actually go to a very well known auction selling website we all know and probably use, do a quick search and up will pop a variety of pictures of that stamp set. Click on the picture and it will take you to the listing.

4. Once the listing pops up, you will have a nice picture of the entire stamp set, right there :D

5. Click your Pin button for Pinterest. You will see a variety of pictures open, but the first picture is usually the stamp set you are looking for. Click "Pin."

6. You will now see your Pinterest boards page with boards listed vertically. Click the inventory board you set up in step #1. Presto!!! Keep going.

In ten minutes I had 17 stamp sets listed, and I am just going to keep on going. If you have matching dies or punches, just add a note into the description box of your new stamp set image. This saves me a HUGE amount of hassle, time, and losing documents...and cats stepping across the keyboard.

Enjoy ♥

I have the ANSWER!!!

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  1. That's such a good idea, especially for me cos I'm already on pintrest!


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