More Cards

Lime & Pinks, using MS border punch, Nestie Ovals, GinaK stamps

I made one for each of my brothers this past spring since they didn't get much of a winter :)
CB snowflake embossing folder, colored w/Prismacolor Pencils & Gamsol; liquid pearls & glitter

I am buying more stamps specifically for selling in Hawai'i
I truly hope I find the right groove for this soon <3

You can never have enough cards to give to friends
I loved to stagger the three i.d. images, but to keep it pretty simple all around.

Sweet and real, great for friends

I think he is adorable, over-ready to go in to see fish :)
I gathered just a few tiny shells, covered w/stickles, to put onto the cards I make for Hawai'i

One of my first two Tilda stamps, and so much fun to color with Copics

Added to my collection of stamps made for Hawai'i - I loved using a pearl adhesive inside the shell, and added Sakura clear as highlights to her sun drenched hair <3

This started out as CAS (clean and simple) but the glue and glitter got away from me. Before I knew it, the whole card was covered with glue, clear glitter, and opal liquid pearls in the centers of flowers (can't see them in this pic)

One of the first cards I began to color with using Prismpencils and Gamsol.
I love learning from GinaK videos - she's great!

For one of my doctors

Silly camera - I made this in mid 2011 in the beginning of my card journey. It's for a sweet younger boy in our congregation who can read outloud like nobody's business! His name starts with "K" and I used many techniques for the very first time in this little wall hanging !

For a new friend who went waaay out of her way for us this year, 2012

Lots of 3d here, but hard to see in photo. Many layers, pop dots, cut outs

For another friend/neighbor who REALLY went out of her way for us this year, 2012.
Sweet - she asked me if I sell my cards. I don't have a clue how to go about that :)

For a friend who needed a bit of encouragement. The kite is 3d - paper pieced and the bows fold upward on the tail.

Another one of my very first cards, with a touch of clear Sakura over the bridge and on the water. 3d leaves from Jolie. I stamped in brown, then just added the yellows and green in pencils.

A good friend sent me this image from GinaK. I just love it! Made it earlier this year, and just now know of someone having a baby so it's going out this month, April 2012 - YAY!

Another tag I made for someone who needed just a touch of encouragement <3

I made this early this year, January, for GinaK. I packed up a bunch of coffee, chocolates & calendars from Hawai'i and mailed her crew a care pkg as as thank you for all the extremely hard work they do for people around the world - stamps, videos, products, blogs, games!!!
Check out the funnest place online at!!!! Thanks, Jill!

Yup, another one of my first cards - not sentiment stamped yet. 

I made my first 'boxelope' to send Gina's extra thick card in - whew!

To thank one of the special elders in our congregation (they are all special!)

Another of the earlier cards, haven't put sentiment on yet. But it sparkles from Sakura clear pen!

Yet another earlier of the cards. I love glitter - esp Prisma glitter that Jennifer McGuire showed us about over on YouTube - man, she is super fast at kicking out cards! But it's been my favorite go-to glitter ever since - thanks, Jenn!

You can tell - another beginning card. CAS - learning to just touch sponging here, Sakura glitter pens to the roses, some on the leaves.

One of the absolutely first cards - Tried a MS border punch, just a touch of glitter to the hydrangea (has to be one of my favorite flowers ever). CAS.

Oh, the inside of the Coffee Thank You card to GinaK and her crew!

Another early card - learning layering, embossing, sponging - a hint of glitter over the water and pagoda, around the edges of one layer.

Fun fun fun - 3d typewriter paper cut and inserted from back, pushed forward with pop dots. First time using kraft paper as card base - scary move for me. 

This is a fun stamp to color but it takes time because of all the tiny details.

I lean so towards Asian inspired themes - what a cute little girl!

Theresa Momber - thank you for your sponging tutorials. Without them, I couldn't even begin to try to learn how to sponge color - I have a long way to go to even reach your early works!
For our neighbors, a sweet family!

Before cardmaking, I didn't care for the color orange. But it is a cheerful color and I've learned to really like it now! I used the 'thumping' technique Gina teaches in a video, then added Sakura clear over the ends of the branches. 

For a lovely lady friend in central Oregon where we used to live. She & her dh are getting much older, and sicker and I worry and pray for them.

For a little girl in our congregation, who is so zealous for Jesus and his father Jehovah. She just has to be commended for her love and appreciation at such a young age for her love for the Bible, creation, and the promises we long to see fulfilled.

A dear friend, whose young husband died from cancer last year, (2010). We miss him so, and care about her welfare now that he's been gone for a year now. I know that pain. (camera date is messed up)

One of my first cards that I learned how to ruin by adding to much and not knowing when to stop. I'm still learning that painful lesson.

This card was so easy CAS from Gina's video that I made four different colors!

For another dear friend in the Oregon valley. We've never met, but we connected online through our mutual worship. She has become so close to me as a friend now!!!

Another one of my first cards, learning how to color w/pencils and Gamsol, MS borders, googily eyes! even - for a young friend :)

I CASED one of Gina's cards from her video - it was so gorgeous and I just wanted it to turn out, so followed her step by step - YAY! I gave it to a girlfriend who was feeling very down. I hope she kept it - these take so much work, not like just buying a card from the store!

This was a joy to re-create from another one of Gina's videos. She teaches so many techniques and this reminds me of frost on the window panes, snow on the trees - learning about embossing and brayering on this card. What fun!!!