Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcome to my Periwinkle Corner

As I look outside our lanai, the sky is a beautiful periwinkle color. Thus the name for the corner of my world, Periwinkle Corner. The little wind chimes tinkle in glass and various metals, soothing the inside of my soul.

Birds of different colors visit our bird feeder, arousing the curious but intense attention of our two cats. Knowing the screen and glass keep them from the birds, the cats drift back to sleep upon our bed. I hear the rustle below the bed of our little white fluffy dog, as he tries another position to lie in.

This time of year, I can see that the coffee trees need picking, their berries hanging in clumps of deep ruby colors. The giant pointsettias below our window are turning deep red. To the right of the window and lanai, the papayas are shades of green. We picked four yesterday as they were turning a cantaloupe yellow; the rest are not ready for picking. Our bedroom is upstairs, about the same height as the papaya, banana, tangerine and palm trees. But the fruits lie just out of our reach. The extended fruit picker was a clever invention and appreciated by us.

The heavily laden tangerine tree will be ripe in a few months. The 'dwarf' banana trees just two years old now tower over our 2nd story roof. Someone had a twisted sense of humor to name them 'dwarf banana' when we bought the one gallon container. What was a clear view of the sunset over the ocean, is now a peek and boo game through the giant banana trees every evening as we glimpse the bright pinks and golds of the sun between huge green leaves, moving on in its journey to someone else's daylight.

Below all these trees and colors lie the mature plants of white pineapple. We have already picked the ripe ones for this year and once again, they are in their annual rest period. All that is left are the spikes of greens shooting upwards, adding to the endless shapes of plants in our yard.

Periwinkle is my favorite color. It is no surprise that my favorite flowers are hydrangeas, hyacinths, agapanthus - anything that has the periwinkle color, including its namesake, the periwinkle. Welcome to my periwinkle corner.