Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Sparkly Anniversary and an adventure with the Gemini Jr.


You know how you really want something to work?

Recently, I gave in and bought the Gemini Jr. My wrists are pretty bad. The first machine tore up the die and plates when I tried to use it. The instructions are very simple but yikes. Exchanged it. The second one cut really well so I kept the pieces and made an anniversary card (below). But when I tried to emboss, the machine sucked in the sandwich, the lights flickered on and off, there was a loud clunk and it turned off. I couldn't get it turned back on for a while. When it did come on, it shot the whole sandwich out through the other end like a shotgun. Good thing no one was standing over there. I held my breath to try it again but while it seemed a very tight squeeze, it wasn't terrifying like the previous attempt.  👀

Trying to problem-solve the super tight squeeze of this machine, I saw a YouTube video using a glass mat someone cut into 6"X9" pieces to substitute for using the plates. Bruce cut the mat up and I will try that next time. Maybe the sandwich won't be so tight when cutting and embossing. I've been holding my hands over both openings when sending a sandwich through because I am fearful this machine is going to hurt something.

Here is the card I made from the trial pieces of the second machine. The sentiment is black on the bottom, then three layers of white on top of that. I love using a white gel pen to write on black cardstock.

No Stamp Set :D   I can seldom say that!
Couture Creations "Opulent Swirls" Dies
Hammerhill White, SMS Black
Tonic Dies "Happy Anniversary"
SU gems
Connect Glue

“The love we give away is the only love we keep.”
 Elbert Hubbard

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  1. Your card is beautiful inspite of the difficulty with your Gemini Jr. It sounds like you got another defective machine. I love mine and haven't had any trouble. I don't think I've embossed with it though. Hope you can get it to work - it's a hand saver and is great for really intricate dies.

  2. Lovely card! The trials of an electric machine seems to have found you. I use the hand crank one. Glad to know there are people who are using the electric one to give you hints.

  3. Your card is gorgeous and elegant. I love the black and white the way you arranged them. And wonderful dies.

  4. Oh my gosh, Rosy, don't hurt yourself. REALLY!!!! Be careful! I had no idea a Gemini had so much power. Your card is beyond gorgeous, I love everything about it. The way you have done the greeting just makes the whole card pop. FABULOUS!!!!


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