Friday, September 26, 2014

Copic Coloring Day 5 - Creating Hair and Skin colors

We watched examples of some of the instructors. Each has her own way of coloring, color choices, coloring styles. It was very interesting to see them all. But in the end, I chose to create my own color combinations for both hair and for skin.

You can tell by the last one, I was really beyond tired, so had to create ghetto girl, aka inner city girl. Maybe the meanings of those names have changed over the decades since we used to use them. I don't know, we don't see that over here - I live on a Hawai'ian island. Anyway, here is my homework for today. Hair colors are vertically listed on the left of the photos, skin colors are listed in the boxes below the images.

As always, thank you dear lovely friends who take the time to come over, check out what is happening, glean what you may like, avoid what you don't :) and remember, I APPRECIATE YOU!!!

Aloha, can you tell I am exhausted in a happy way? My brain is mush and I'm ready 
to brush my teeth and slither into bed now. 
Much aloha my dear friends :*

This IS a VERY GOOD WAY to create your very own hair and skin combo's for whatever markers you are using. Then keep it as a resource!

The rest of this weekend will be dedicated to coloring ballerinas (thrill) -- aloha!


  1. Holy Smokes that is fabulous coloring. I can NEVER do it correctly. I tend to color ALL the white....clearly you know what you're doing sistah!

  2. Your practice sheet looks awesome! I love your "ghetto" girl!

  3. Wow! You are sure doing an awesome job on the coloring of hair and skin tones. That is always a toughie I think!

  4. Rosy, you have done a marvellous job!! I especially like the black hair. You've done the highlights perfectly! Hair and skin is something I have never done with Copics, so I can glean a LOT from this ;)

  5. Well you've captured my hair color or should I say lack of hair color perfectly. That's me...bottom row middle! You are doing such an amazing job with your Copic class and your shading of skin colors and hair are wonderful. Good work!

  6. Your practice sheets look great, Rosy. You are so creative! Love the ghetto girl--you really went outside the box on that one! Glad I finally made it over here.


Your kind comments really encourage me a TON! Mahalo nui loa!