Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Copic Class Day 3 - Shading with Grays

Hi friends,

How was your day? I can say 'was' because we live in one of the very last time zones on the planet. Everyone is ahead of us. But look at it this way - we are super laid back over here because it's almost yesterday for you and tomorrow for us.

Today we are asked by our inspiring instructors to leave behind our usual darker shades of the main color we use in coloring our images. Whaaa? Yes! Use a gray. Since I only own Copic cool grays x 5 pens, I stuck with C1 and C3. I am kinda terrified to go any more deeper in color than that. So here is my homework for today.

PS  Doodling not required. Hopefully it does earn extra credit (?) nahhhh.

Thank you dear friends - I appreciate you stopping by and commenting despite
your very busy lives ♥


  1. I love your added doodles! Thank you for commenting on my practice sheet. I am loving using the grey shades for blending.

  2. I like your doodles too. And, I would say the main thing is to enjoy this learning experience,

  3. I love all your umbrellas very cute great shading I need to practice

  4. Hey, this is great! Love your shading! I will definitely have to try this!

  5. After seeing the amazing shading you've done using grey's and your fun doodles, I would say doodling should be required! my book you definitely get extra credit! Well done!

  6. Hi Rosy, wow, your coloring is fantastic. I went back and looked at all of the days you have been coloring, and those balloons and gift boxes are very impressive!!! Actually your coloring was amazing on all of the days you have done so far. I would love to know where online you are taking the classes. I would love to take some classes too. Thank you so much for sharing your coloring with me. I love it!!! I will be back very soon to see what else you are coloring.

  7. Love the doodles! I have to remember to do that to some of mine.



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