Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stamp Tool

Hi there friends,

I have not been able to afford the mega popular and very expensive stamp tool many stampers have purchased and raved about. Fear not. When dollars are lacking, imagination and YouTube can help.

Below is a stamp tool I made in about 20 min (mostly it took 20 min to highlight the inches and half inches lines, about 1 min to cut out the fun foam). I searched a lot online for how to make one and finally found something that even I can do without power tools or a hubby.

The hard plastic dvd case cost about $3 and the shipping was just under $3 (but I did get a 2 other items on sale or the shipping would have been even less).

I already had the thin fun foam, graph paper and adhesive. This is what happened:

I hope the original designer continues to have endless customers who can afford the positioner she made. I have read that others had made something similar before she patented hers, and the instructions have been online for a long time. I won't post the details here out of respect for her, her costs, and those who can afford to purchase them. But I found a video on YouTube I will be happy to share with you if you let me know. The total cost to make this, inc shipping was around $6.50 and about 20 min of my time to highlight the graph paper, cut the foam, and adhere it.

I appreciate your visits!! Thank you dear friends!