Saturday, August 1, 2015

Over-the-Top, Explosion Box

For our nephew's and his wife's new baby boy. If it wasn't my 3rd try, and so much time and energy, I would have started over again.

We don't get a lot of babies in our family, so this is a big deal. It seems that (in our family) more and more of our adult kids choose not to have children, and I'm a BIG baby cuddler lol!

Well, I went over the top making this. I did not know when to stop. First step in controlling any problem is to admit there is a problem: Therefore, "I am not in control of my baby card/box making habit. I am in need of help."

For the last month (maybe longer) I worked a tiny bit here and there as I could. Finally, I simply ran out of room to add stuff. There are no measurements as I just cut, folded and Scor Taped here and there. But I can measure from top to bottom = 9 inches :/

Stamp Sets: Gina K. Designs- "Oh, Baby," "Blessing from Above," and "Zoo Animals"
Other supplies: I no longer remember all the stuff I used. Use your imagination.

Up, Up and Away!

Floating Rocking Horse

Elephant side

Zebra side

I even decorated the back...sigh! 

(Look how cute the baby is tucked into
the Stork's blankey!!!)

I even decorated underneath all the flaps, 
where no one can see! (smacks forehead)

Tag and Printed Gift Card Tucked inside

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the pictures, then
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