Thursday, July 30, 2015

Stamped Tiles, By the Sea

Gina made a video (link follows below) about stamping on tiles, which seems like a long time ago. Bruce brought me home a few tiles back then, so I could try her technique. They have sat on a table by our bed ever since. Well, sing the song "Finally-It's Happened To Me" by CeCe Penniston cause I FINALLY made the tiles! And they were so easy peasy, too.

Wipe off some unfinished tiles and use StazOn inks to stamp whatever images you would like. Then I carefully used alcohol markers and a PITT white artist pen marker to gently add color. Next, (place an old newspaper or a bill you don't want to pay under the tiles) take a little sand paper or block and sand off the images a bit to give them a rugged, distressed and used feel and soften up the intense line images. Voila! Wipe off all the dust from the sanding and add some little adhesive feet of your choice (felt, silicone, googly eyes, whatever). Done. Try it yourself - makes unique and fun gifts for friends!

Stamp Sets: I used some beachy images from GKD, There She Goes Again, Stampin' Up. (No, you will not break out into hives if you combine stamps by different companies.) StazOn ink stains - be sure you protect your work surface. I cleaned all the stamps with StazOn Cleaner, then cleaned well before storing.

Thank you for the video tutorial Gina!!! 
Click HERE to watch Gina's video ♥

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