Friday, July 13, 2012

A deer in snow

I don't miss the snow, the cold, biting winds, breaking the ice off the car doors and windshields, high heating bills, or wood chips from the back door to the wood stove.... or icy roads. But I do love pretty snow scenes in art!

This is a Hanko arts Kodomo Zigen stamp that I love. There are all kinds of ways to 3D this and double stamp parts for toling, but I am not feeling well enough right now to do that. So 2 nights ago when I couldn't sleep, I worked on cards in bed :D

Do you love sparkles, Stickles, glitter of all kinds? Me, too!


I used Memento London Fog ink to stamp a mountain background, snow banks, and mist here and there. Colored the deer, leaves, rocks and snow with Prismacolor Pencils, and blended with Gamsol. Stickles diamonds to the water, snow, leaves and bamboo.

Thank you so much for looking!!!