Thursday, June 28, 2012

Japanese Easel Card

This has a special place to put your message for the recipient. The image and sentiment are pop dotted out to give a more 3D effect. The koi on the bottom have Prismaglitter on them which make them very elegantly, quietly sparkling beneath 'water.' The lady has subtle adhesive backed tiny pearls in her hair pin. Finally there are clear beads and a silver charm that says "Believe" hanging from the yellow bow. I hope it brings a smile to you.

I gave this to one of my doctors who treats me so kindly.

It's kind of hard to picture this, but the card folds flat. The fan folds down, and then the card closes. There is a gold cord wrapped around the bottom of the fan. I stamped plain yellow card stock with gold images to give the fan some textures when it was folded up.

For my mom - I miss her. Both the stamp and my mom's name is Ayako. She's been gone now since 1984 :(  Aloha, Mommy! I will always miss you!