Monday, September 2, 2019

Living Hen and Chicks


It's a new month, a new week, a new day! Welcome!

Don't you love the sweet little succulent Hen and Chicks? I do! But here is a confession: I have killed every single one I've ever purchased. Why, oh, why? I love them.

I've tried leaving them alone, in indirect sunlight, in bright sunlight, in shade, with light water, no water, in nature, in the house, in the kitchen, ignoring, talking to, and begging it not to die. It's one plant I feel a total failure in trying to grow. Any hints?

I had a friend in central Oregon and she had one she completely ignored, rain, sun, snow. That thing was living in a dead oak barrel with millions (okay, hundreds) of little chick babies sprouting all over the thing. She even gave me some and I killed it right off. UGH.

This is the next best thing for me - color it. Marcella Hawley has this in her online, digital collection located here: Hen and Chicks in case you would like this one to print off and color!

Digital Stamp: Power Poppy, "Hen and Chicks"
Copic Markers (mostly G's, BG's, YG's and R's, and mostly lightest to mid colors)
Prismacolor White and Dark Brown Pencils
Cardstock: Hammerhill Color Copy 110 lb (white), GKD (color)
Crystalline Drops (GKD) for the water droplets on some of the little petals or leaves or whatever those are called on succulents :D
Corner Rounder

I cannot think of a sentiment to put on here yet.

Mahalo for stopping by ♥


  1. What a lovely card Rosy. Love the colors

  2. Well, your hen and Chicks are gorgeous. Great coloring. I was not too successful growing very many flowers. No green thumb I guess with them but I did okay with vegetables.

  3. Lovely card! I have never tried hens and chicks. I can kill any plant though without even trying. My cactus plant lived a very short life and those shouldn't take much work at all.

  4. Very pretty card! I have some succulents that grow very nicely for me, and then several that just don’t do well in my house. Oh well! I like to try anyhow!


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