Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Review - Stamp Set Replacement Bags

Aloha dear friends,

Several have asked which bags I referred to when I mentioned replacing torn stamp set bags with stronger, large bags. This is what I found on Amazon. The company name is: "A-Plus Shopping (USA Seller)." The size of the bags states: 10.50 inches x 7.75 inches. I'll list the actual dimensions below with pictures.

The bags I have been searching for I hoped would meet three criteria:  1) has to be a minimal to moderate cost because of our lower income, 2) more pliable than the easily - torn acetate bags that some stamp sets come in, 3) sturdy for longer storage and frequent use. (((note - I also use the wonderfully thick, flap top Avery Elle bags for small sets. But Gina's stamps are too large to fit into those. Note #2 Gina's older enormous stamps, $34.95 size, can fit into these bags EASILY, with both white slick stamp storage boards, the red rubber stamps, the cover sheet - all nicely into one of these bags. SWEET! For the "extra super large" stamp sets I did have to cut down the image sheet but you can still see the GKD logo on the top, and all of the images.)))

If you want completely clear, front and back of the bags, you will need to pay higher price. I am merely sharing what I purchased. These are completely clear on one side, opaque shiny white on the backs. These bags will fit larger stamp sets with either red rubber or clear stamps, the enclosed cover sheet, the white slick stamp boards that Gina includes in her sets, and both the "regular size sets" and the "extra large sets." You will even have extra room on all four sides, not too much-not too little, jusssst right!

Many people store their stamp sets in cases or other systems. I just want simple, STURDY bags. I can store much more this way, and placed alphabetized into a box for easy access.

Actual Dimensions--
Outside bag size: 10-1/4 inches by 7-3/4 inches
Inside usable inner space, within the zip lock area: 9-1/4 inches by 7-1/4 inches. The seams on all four sides are substantial, heat sealed.

Front (clear, pliable, heat seams x 4 sides --

Back (opaque, shiny, smooth pliable) --

Link to purchase on Amazon: 100 sturdy stamp storage bags with hangar hole, ziplock

PRICE (July 20, 2016) $17.49, free shipping for Prime members

You can read my review on the link. It is review #3 today. I hope this helps you to picture what I am using for storing the larger stamps in. I cannot afford the cost or extra space it would take to use clear DVD cases. Plus that size would not fit all of GKD stamps, esp the larger red rubber sets.

With best wishes!!!
Thank you for looking - aloha ♥