Saturday, March 5, 2016

I Roomba'd my Foot.

Aloha friends :)

We have a Roomba, one of the little robot vacuums. It works OH so good and it was Bruce's anniversary present to me (yes, I groveled and begged for one) a couple years ago. 

I thought it could work while I address envelopes. So I picked him up from his park station and took him to the kitchen to begin. It dropped sideways and feels like it cracked my foot. In this world filled with disasters and serious health problems, this is nothing. Bruce is on his way home from work at Home Depot to help me since my foot is now elevated and ice cold. Cause this happened:

Bruce thinks I will cave and go to the local Emergency Room. This will be a battle of wills. I'm not putting the picture or post here for sympathy, cause it's just one more ding in the dings of life. It will be fine. The pain will be temporary. But please know I have not yet been able to mail your pretties out yet. I hope those of you who chose Simon Says Stamp gifts received an email notification of your certificate numbers. If not, please let me know -- I have an electronic receipt with your certificate numbers on them. 

For my 2nd group of winners, I have not forgotten you! I just ask you for more time to get them addressed and mailed. I spent a few days after posting the last card just convalescing after making so many cards (mostly for 30 Day Coloring Challenge at Kathy Racoosin's web page).

After a few days of vegifying my brain and body I finally felt able to something and move again. Sigh. Ow. Sigh. Ow. I will not cry. And Roomba is doing his job dutifully throughout the house. He had a very soft landing. Me, not so much.

Love, Rosy #weakhands #roombaisheavy #anotherforcedbreak


  1. Ouchie!!!! And that's all I have to say about that. I sent you a message over at STV. HUGS~

  2. Oh dear! That looks SO painful! Hope nothing is broken!

  3. Oh, Rosy! This you did NOT need.... Attack of the Roomba! Sure hope the hematoma (?) goes down soon and that your foot is ok to walk on asap!!

  4. Wow Rosy. The same here woman. It takes practice to be a klutz and I do it regularly.

    Hugs and take are of that foot. :)

  5. OUCH!!!!!!!!! WOW that's quite the goose egg. Hope it's better by now!


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