Friday, June 5, 2015

It's been too long and I miss you all {hugs} !!!

Hello dear friends,

I've been away from my blog and crafting too long now. I've been wondering what to get on here and update you about, such as: cast still on arm/hand... trying to color with one hand... can't turn the Big Shot with one hand.. and things like that but it sounds too silly!

So, here I am. Hoping cast comes off in two more weeks. Nope, didn't break anything. The two main wrist bones were a rubbin' against each other until I cried my eyes out. We can't have that ♥ Steroid shots no helpey. So I just waited. and waited. and so on.

I managed to put together a couple cards which are not that good and took for-e-ver.

First one a simple Happy Anniversary to our Daughter and her Hubby, their 10th. They came here from California and spent two full hot sweaty yucky mosquito stung days ripping up our back yard. It no longer looks like an abandoned jungle (color me grinning in gratitude).

Simple sponging a la Theresa Momber style ~
Stamp Set: "Aloha" by Theresa Momber for Gina K. Designs

I wanted them to remember their hard working, beach going,
old friend seeing Hawai'ian Anniversary ♥

See? Just a Simple Something for our dear ones.

Thank you for looking!


  1. One Armed? This is BEAUTIFUL!!! Stunning! You ARE Super Woman!!! ;)

  2. I wish I were as talented as you Rosy. Hope you are healed up quickly. My frozen shoulder is still killing me so I have been doing less. Take care!!

  3. You are totally amazing girl! I have two hands and cannot accomplish anything near as beautiful as this. I love it!

  4. Your card is beautiful.


  5. I agree with Donna!! You did this with one arm?? Whoa... Amazing sponging and inking!! Those little waves look so real--especially the wake of the boat! I am in awe of your perseverance... Get well soon, and I sure hope the cast has done the trick! Sending hugs <3

  6. WOW Rosy! I too agree with Donna and Verna! Bless your heart you are incredible! ! I do hope you heal quickly and get back to your comfort level of crafting, but we are in awe of your one arm creations! hugs and prayers for you! <3

  7. Lovely card! There is a lady on Stamp Nation who does all of her crafting one-handed, due to a stroke. it can be done when necessity happens. Your card will brighten your daughter's day!

  8. So good to hear from you - you have been missed. Patience is not one of my long suits, so you are a better man than I am!!! I would be going NUTS!!! You card is beautiful - I can't believe you did it one handed. Sponging takes 2 hands in my neck of the woods. Good thoughts going out your way honey - hope all will be well in 2 weeks! Love you!!!!

  9. You did this with one hand? Wow, this is really amazing. You should be proud. Hopefully, in two weeks, everything will be healed and so math better for your wrist.

  10. You are truly AMAZING!! This card us absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope all will be well with your wrist when the cast comes off.

  11. Beautiful Rosy. Love it, Take care of you, we will be here, Hugz

  12. Stunning!! You do great things with one hand...truly impressive!!


Your kind comments really encourage me! Mahalo nui loa!