Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Copic Day 7, Working with Difficult Colors!

Red. Just the thought of coloring with red means my work is going to bleed and bleed badly. Why? It's just how I roll, or, how the markers roll. But this time, I confronted my RED  markers head on and told them, "YOU DON'T SCARE ME." {gulp} and started coloring.

I used swift, light flicking motion with the markers and didn't soak the colors in, plus I tried to stay a micrometer (grin) away from the image's lines to make sure no red touched the image outline. Also, I used the deepest, darkest red I had - R59 - because if you are going to confront your fears, you may as well pick the fears you dread the most, right?

So here is the boldest, deepest, darkest red flower I've ever colored in my life. And look Ma, no bleeding. I didn't even need my blender pen!!!! Cause you know what happens when you touch blending fluid with red, right? Yup, let's not go there.

Thank you so much for looking --- wish you were here to fist pump with me, cause RED,