Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Copic Coloring Day 5, Shading my Tealarina (what?)

Hi, there dear friends,

This is a ballerina that I colored teal, so that's where the Teal-a-rina came from :) I am getting loopy from coloring and coloring and coloring, not to mention repairing both our printers, reinstalling software, dealing with health insurance and other details of daily life... Just like you must be coping with, too, so I REALLY thank you for taking the time to looky at what I am doing in class.

I used chalks as the background to create a kind of floor with shadow and a horizon line so she isn't spinning in air.

I also used to Signo gel pen to create tons of polka dots - remember in the good old days when we ladies wore a crepe type organza that had polka dots on them? Or was it crinoline? I remembered that from when I was little so I wanted her tutu to be like that.

Thank you dear friends, for coming by to see me and my Tealarina!