Thursday, May 22, 2014

Watercoloring over a Liquid Frisket Mask & Splatter

Yikes, out of my comfort zone.

First, cut out a heart from post it note and apply the outside paper (without the solid heart) onto your watercolor paper. Inside the negative space heart shape, get a Q-tip or dedicated dead brush for applying Liquid Frisket all around inside that heart space. Move it over and create another liquid frisket heart close by. Now, take courage -- dip your brush into the frisket and tap it gently against your forefinger of the opposite hand to create some splattering across your whole watercolor base paper. Put this aside for about two hours and let dry (it's humid over here so I waited longer).

Load the water across your now dry heart base layer, over the frisket. Frisket repels water :D Pick out your colors and dip them around the watered down panel and let the water do its thing. Set this aside and let dry again. The next morning (for me) I took my adhesive remover eraser and started rubbing the liquid frisket off the panel and it left white hearts and white dots all over - giddy! I tied the checkered red ribbon, dangled a brass key, colored the thread pink and red, added 2 crystal red hearts inside the hearts, and then covered the white space hearts with Crystal Lacquer for a rounded, clear finish.

I tried this with a snowy hill and snowflakes, but that was a mess lol.

For watercolor Class Day 2 - Backgrounds

Thank you everyone -- I appreciate your efforts to stop by :*


  1. Pretty background and lovely hearts!

  2. Oh, so pretty....super great colors too. Love the hearts and the key embellishment.

  3. All I can say is Wow !! you are really branching out and having fun. Love it, and the cards. Take care.

  4. Love this look Rosy! I have never used Frisket, but I really like the effect it gives. Thanks for the inspiration my dear!!


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