Thursday, May 22, 2014

Watercolor - Gelatos on Background Stamps

Wooohooo, this one worked! Finally :D :D :D

I took a Just Rite floral background stamp and colored the flowers with Gelatos. Then I gently spritzed water all over it and waited a bit, laid the watercolor paper over and :(  - the first one didn't turn out (see below). But I resprayed the stamp and Oh LA LA!!! I'm over the moon with it and will just paint the backside of the first one that kinda flopped.

Really - that's all I did. Then after it dried I added the sequins and will add a sentiment later on but had to get it uploaded. But the colors are soft and muted  - remind me of looking at a beautiful garden after the optometrist puts dilating drops in your eyes ☺ prettiful!

1st & then 2nd Generation layers: (big difference)

Sending hugs to all who take the time to visit my humble blog :)  ♥