Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vellum Garden

Hi Friends,

Yay, I broke in the vellum - there's cheering in the house! For Sean's Mod Squad Challenge.

I embossed a sheet with a floral embossing folder, then colored the back side or the 'de'bossed (indented) side with some Copic markers.

Here are a few things I learned today:

  • Use moderate colors (too light will not show up at all, too dark looks overwhelming)
  • If you make a boo boo with an alcohol marker, use regular rubbing alcohol on a q-tip or get out your blending pen to pull off the color easily
  • After much anxiety-producing research about how to adhere vellum to cardstock, I took a deep breath and used dabs of 3D Crystal Lacquer. I even added a thin line along the edges of the sheet - as you can see, you can barely see any of it although I did use larger dabs of it behind the centers of the flowers.
  • Adhesive pearls stick really well to vellum so I didn't add adhesive first like I usually do for extra holding power.
  • If your CAT should sit down on your vellum sentiment, be aware that YOU MAY NOT FIND IT AGAIN... (I'll add it some day if I find it)
If I learn anything else about vellum, I'll be sure to add. And here is the card - remember, it's my first time so don't expect advanced anything :D

Thank you dear ones for each and every sweet as honey comment ♥