Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Going to Town

Do you have many memories from when you were very, very young? I do. I think I was about 4 yrs old when our neighbor and landlord Mrs. Finke would take us to town in the very early 60s.

Our mom and all of us kids would pile in and she would take us to heavenly McDonalds. This was before they sold over a million burgers! Then we would go to a little grocery store (long before there was a 7-11) and buy a little bit of candy. I mean a little bit. We were very poor. But I recall eating those fake coke bottles, kind of like gummy bears? But when you bit into them, a tiny bit of yummy coke flavored goodness would cover your taste buds. That was very cool. Like - How did they get Coke inside a gummy candy bottle?

This card is made in memory of Mrs. Finke. She was what neighbors were all about - love, generosity, and goodness.

{Stamp Set: Technique Tuesday, All Aboard}