Tuesday, September 12, 2023

A "Z" Fold Anniversay Card

Fun folds are just that, FUN! And this one is fairly simple, especially if you have a see- through ruler to make precision cuts in your cardstock. I finally purchased the Stampin' Up Paper Trimmer. It has a very nice blade, ruled table, clear ruler and double raised edges at the top and bottom of the cutting areas to help keep your cardstock in place as you cut. You can see exactly where you want to cut. 

At first I purchased this trimmer to cut wedge or triangular shapes of pattern paper to roll into beads. Boy, is that ever fun and I'll post that at another time. 

However, I finally gave in and bought this trimmer after I sliced my thumb, deeply, trying to cut thin strips of paper for the beads. With the SU paper trimmer I don't have any more surgical accidents, 😬 yet.

You know who has endless fun fold videos? Lisa Curcio. She's been with Stampin' Up for many years. You will find about a zillion videos over on her YouTube channel,  https://youtube.com/@lisasstampstudio?si=7c6sHtSZc5Rfamqd You won't run out of inspiration there. 

I used pieces from a Stampin' Up card kit for this. Sorry I haven't been keeping track of card details. I'll try to do better at that. I lose all the post it notes I stick on the images as I go. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Lots of love, 

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