Friday, May 1, 2015

CAS Thanks

CAS is not easy for me, but here goes.

This card is created for the Stamp TV MIUM challenge this week hosted by Karen, STV15MON17 (Click Here).

How does one know when to stop "adding stuff" to a card? That is the biggest challenge for me. Lots of white space makes me feel like I will break out in hives. But when I see others' CAS cards, they're INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL and I want to try!!!

Hints for a Good LIfe:

If you go to the beach and relax in one of the natural ocean "pools" you see along the Hawai'ian beaches (or, I guess any beaches anywhere), you might see some discarded fishing line, laying in the surf - just waiting to tangle up some precious sea life. Before you reach in and grab the "string," make sure it is not one of the TENTACLES OF A JELLY FISH FIRST! Cause the jelly fish might be hiding under a rock waiting for the tide to roll back in and take it out to sea, with only it's white thin, string like tentacles laying there, looking like discarded fishing line.

Card Recipe:

Stamp Set - Gina K, Designs "STAMP IT BIG" by Carolyn King
Ink - Gina K. Designs "Black Onyx"
Metal: IndigoBlu Metallic Flakes in "Royal Peacock"
Scor Tape 1/4 inch and a portion of a sheet of Scor Tape.
Ailene's Clear Glue
SU 3 heart punch
Cropadile Corner Punch

All I did for the metallic portions is adhere Scor Tape 1/4 inch diagonally onto the cardstock. Expose the sticky part. (TURN OFF ALL FANS AND AC, AND MAKE SURE YOUR PETS ARE NOT DANCING AROUND YOUR WORK SPACE). Gently apply some metallic flakes to the exposed Scor Tape and tap on with finger. Use a Stencil Brush or a Sponge Pouncer to continue tapping the metal flakes until the strip is all covered. 

To create a metallic punched image (like the hearts), Use a small portion of Scor Tape sheet. Peel back the size you need and adhere to cardstock. The other side will still be sticky but has another backing sheet on it. Remove the backing sheet and apply metallic flakes like you did above, slowly, carefully until all covered. When done, you may use it in a die cutting machine or use a hand punch like I did here. 

Thank you for all the love you share with me!!!
Aloha ♥


  1. That is a fabulous CAS card! I should know, I can't make them! Yours is PERFECT! Love that big bold THANKS!!!

  2. The metallic flakes are so lovely! I really like your colorful explanation on how to achieve this look. I think you did really well on C&S. It is hard to know when to stop!

  3. I love that clean and simple card design. Adding the metallic flakes really added elegance to the card. You did a great job.

  4. Boy oh boy! I love the metallic flakes. You don't need to,add anything more to this really beautiful CAS card. Love it!

  5. Love the diagonal lines and bold sentiment! You just couldn't resist filling that bottom corner, could you? Lol. I can totally relate to the horror of leaving white space...

  6. Such a beautiful CAS card, you have nailed it perfectly. I am going to try the score tape tip with some gold foil, thanks for the inspiration. Thanks also for the tip on the jelly fish - next time I see some fish line on the beach of Lake Michigan I will make sure that there is no jelly fish Oh, and did you know that Jelly Fish have no brains? I found that fascinating!

  7. Super. Love it Rosy. May have "white" to give you the jitters, but it just pops. Yup found out about those guys at Chesapeake Bay one year, Not nice to come in contact with at all . Hugz. Finally summer up here. :)


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