Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our House Sold :)

Hi friends,

It took a long wait for the market to begin a turnaround here on the Big Island. So we've been making that monthly mortgage on our first house since Jan 2007 when we moved into this one, besides making ends meet in this home and it's been a bear. We are very grateful though because we have a roof over our heads, utilities and grocery stores. We know what it's like to have nada. Our house sale was recorded yesterday, so we made our final mortgage payment on it and the first card is for the couple who bought it. This is their very first home purchase -- so we congratulate them. Some day soon we hope to begin the long haul on remodeling this home because we've had to concentrate on prepping the other home for sale. This one is in sad shape :(

The second card is for our realtor with whom we have worked with before. She and her hubby are very relaxed, friendly, fun and yet on top of every single step when representing a buyer or seller. They are also our friends (welcome to Hawai'i).

I used a triangle paper punch for the tree (x3), scored the front door to give it some paneling look, and used the corrugator thingey for the siding :D No templates for either card, just winged it.

Yes, that is a cat walking on the roof. Our Juliette (aka Murderess) loves patrolling our rooftop. It's so funny to watch her spiral walk her way down the ladder Bruce has up against the roof. She makes me laugh. I used floral soft for the wreath so it's very puffy-3D IRL. I covered the coconuts with Glossy Accents and the birds with clear glitter. 

Thank you so very much for stopping by!!!