Monday, February 11, 2013

The Geisha

My mother comes from a remote area of northeastern Japan (the part that really got devastated by the earthquake and tsunami of 3.11.2011. We have family there.

Geisha were well trained in Japanese dance, music, arts, listening, and polite conversation, as well as dress and make up application. The wealthy business men would stop by for drinks, food, and to have a beautiful woman just sit and listen to him, not complain or recommend anything, dance and sing for him, and he would leave feeling like a real man again. Anyway, they weren't what many people think they were.

It was a very tough, competitive world, where jealousy drove some geisha to sabotage younger or prettier geisha - burn them out, steal their kimono or makeup, hair jewels (very expensive) and whatever else they could. (Read Memoirs of a Geisha, or see the movie. It is fictional, but much of what happens, really did happen.)

I made the butterfly by stamping with VersaMark, covering with Perfect Pearls, heat setting, and covering with about 3 coats of UTEE.

I appreciate your stopping by -- with aloha, Rosy


  1. This is just stunning Rosy. Glad to see you putting the story of Geisha to rights. So many have the wrong idea about them.

  2. Hi Rosy - I am in awe of the strength that these women had, and the things that they had to endure. Our DD spent over a year in Asia, and we learned so much. Thanks for sharing your story, and your beautiful card. I've just signed up to follow you via email. Found you at The Outlawz! Hope you will follow my blog, as well: Have a great day! Hugs...

  3. I so love the explanation you gave about the Geisha. It brings a whole new light to that profession and what those women offered in service to those who sought their company. It certainly was a hard profession and they really suffered too at times. My family lives in between the Iwate Mountains from that area that was devestated. I remember traveling through that area too when on the bullet train to reach their home. It was so lovely, and now one cannot believe how devestated it is. I feel so sorry for all the families who suffered that terrible day.

  4. Hi Rosy, Enjoyed the beautiful card & your butterfly is fabulous. Thx for the explanation of how-to. Also enjoyed reading about the Geisha fascinating. Thanks for sharing, and becoming a follower at my blog. I'm subscribed by email, but will be watching when you get your 'join button' in again. I think you have to go into your Template, find the gadget and add followers. That's what I did. I don't understand about networked blogs OR google+ circle. (I'm challenged that way! ) Thanks for a beautiful card & beautiful story. Hugs


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