Monday, October 22, 2012

To the Family & Friends of Whitney Heichel

This card is made with much pain of heart for dear friends in Oregon whose wife, daughter, sister and friend was suddenly taken by someone who barely knew her. It is a tragedy that I pray her family and friends can find strength and healing from our Father in the heavens and the passage of time.

Triple / Quadruple stamping - layers
Take 3 pieces of cardstock measuring 1/4 inch smaller than one another. Stack them with the largest on the bottom, smallest on top. Carefully stamp all over without moving the layers. When done, cut contrasting cardstock 1/8 inch larger than each piece of the stamped cardstock. Assemble like you see in photo, embellish as desired.

Dedicated to Whitney Heichel
Her husband, Clint, their families, their friends and coworkers
Thank you to the law enforcement agencies involved who worked so hard to find the suspect, as well as for bringing Whitney home to her loved ones, all in four days.