Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cutting Intricate Dies such as Memory Box

Aloha, everyone,

Recently I have been trying to cut the very intricate dies by Memory Box. However, I can't get a clean cut. I have tried shimming thin extra layers, using new plates, etc. Then today, frustrated with all the work it takes, and not having success, I decided to search online for possible causes and fixes. I found this great link posted by Memory Box at YouTube - check it out:

He uses various tricks to get the dies to cut cleanly. The problems appear to be that the dies may be too thin since the same problem happens to many people using a variety of machines. He gets success by building up with scotch tape (and leaving it on permanently), but adds a thin metal type plate that I guess I'll be needing to purchase if I want to avoid the aggravation.

I only have five of their dies for now. But I was not going to buy anymore until this problem is fixed. Unfortunately, my Madison Window die does look like it has a deformity on one entire half of the outter die - it's all rough and that's where I can't get a cut and it slides out from under, even when using tape. Wonder if I can get a replacement - I'll try.

So it looks like lots of people have had to address this issue - I'm not the only one. If you are, try watching the video. It has answers.

Aloha for today - Rosy

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  1. Hi Rosy,
    Here is the link to a video tutorial on the flip-card. Dawn has lots of great ideas! Thanks for commenting on my card, Caroline.


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