Saturday, December 10, 2011

Serendipity ~ the eclipse

It was very chilly when I awoke at 1:45 this morning. By 3 a.m., I decided to get up and try to walk out onto the lanai and smell the flowers in the night air. I looked up into the clear, onyx black sky, the brilliant stars like silver diamonds twinkling up there, and noticed the moon was partly red. Then I remembered, there was an eclipse tonight, and for the first time I could watch most of one. I woke my husband, picked up the camera, and we quietly watched the changing reds and browns move across the moon.

I took endless photographs, but not being a professional, many of the pictures blurred, even on the tripod. So I don't think I will upload any of them unless one or two are impressive.

(January 9, 2012)

The first pic was just an 'auto' click. The second I couldn't steady my hands enough for the digital zoom.

Life is precious. As we look back over the years we've lived, we are grateful for the unexpected moments of sheer joy and awe we experience, like this night became for us. If we slow down and become aware of all that surrounds us, we experience life more fully. My husband and I stop, hold one another, and thank the creator for these blessings. Each moment and breath, each sight, smell, taste, sound and touch is truly a gift to be treasured.

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